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Please read these Terms Of Use carefully before using this website. Using the content of this website is at your own risk and we aren’t responsible for the consequences. If you don’t agree with this statement, we recommend you don’t use our website.


www.friendlyferret.com is a website made by Anja from Zagreb, Croatia. Brand Friendly Ferret is owned by Ekutak j.d.o.o., Harambašićeva 58, 10 000 Zagreb. It is a blog about ferrets where you can read about an ordinary day with a ferret as a pet, find much information about ferrets, how to groom them, train them, what you need to know before buying one, and much more. A webshop on this website has products like T-shirts, hoodies, lanyards, and products made for ferrets like hammocks and toys.


Content on www.friendlyferret.com is original and unique. Copying content is prohibited unless you contact us for permission and add a link to our website. Content on this website is for informational purposes only, for every serious problem (for example illness or injury) contact your local vet or another expert in that field of knowledge. We aren’t responsible for actions you make when you read the information on this website.

Content includes all pictures and text made by Friendly Ferret. There are free pictures and pictures made by other persons on the website. Pictures made by other people come with the link to the source of the picture. If you see your picture without the source, please contact the Friendly Ferret team and we will gladly give you credit. This only means we couldn’t find the author of the picture and we want every author to come forward.


This website has third-party links on several pages and posts. We aren’t responsible in any way for any kind of content on third-party websites. You agree that we aren’t responsible for the loss caused by third-party websites in any shape or form.


Every product is made by a ferret owner, unique and original. Do not copy the design of any product. Every product is of good quality, made to last by the ferret owner. In case we find out that our product is copied we will initiate legal proceedings.


Products can be used for other animals, but with the knowledge that they are made especially for ferrets. Ferrets are awesome creatures, but they can get into trouble at any time. When playing, ferrets can play ruff, meaning they are able to cut the stitches on the products and injure themselves. Regularly check the product and monitor your ferrets as much you can. Every product, no matter how good it is made, comes with an expiration date. Don’t leave your ferret unattended, remember ferrets are fearless creatures and sometimes they only think about the play, not safety.


Please open the product at the post office in front of the post office employee to make sure the package has arrived safely. If it is broken, show it to the employee and make a memo so we can have the money back for the broken product. Send us a picture of the damage and we will send you the same order again free of charge. This is a situation we can’t control, so please have patience.

If you receive the wrong order, contact us and return in 7 days and we will send you the right product. You can send us the product with the description of the problem, so we will know your reason for return. We will pay for the return shipping and send you the right product.

If you ordered the wrong size even though there is a size chart for every product you can return that product to us, but you have to pay the returning shipping. We will send you the right size when you tell us which one it is and you have to pay the shipping for the correct size of the product.

If you want to return the product you don’t like, you should send the product back unopened and in the original package. We will send you the money back minus the first shipping and the returning shipping price (if you don’t pay it while sending it back). Our products have detailed descriptions and many pictures so people can see every product on the website how it looks in the reality.

For example, you have bought a product that costs $10 with shipping of $5. For some unexplained reason, you decided to return the product. You need to send back the product in the original package and pay the return shipping ($5 again). When the product arrives at us and we make sure that the product is in original condition we will return your money. The amount will be $10 – $5 (for the 1st shipping) since you’ve paid the return shipping yourself. We will refund you $5. If you don’t pay the returning shipping, we will refund you $0. ?

For other questions ask us at support@friendlyferret.com or on the contact form here.