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What I like the most about ferrets are their playfulness and curiosity. I could play with my Frida all day long, I wouldn’t be bored a minute. When you see your ferret jumping and running you just got to join him, ferrets are irresistible.


Hide And Seek

I love to play with Frida and there are many games you can play with your ferret. I have a few personal favorite games and I think Frida loves them as well. For example: Hide and seek. Hide and seek is a game we are playing for only a few weeks, it is rather new, but it has great potential. Since ferrets love to hide and go in different holes, under the bed, sofa, table, and chairs, this game is great for them. So, how are we playing this game?

First is Frida’s turn. She runs all over my room and hides while I am not looking. Seriously,  I cover my eyes. That is a more interesting way. So when I can’t hear her anymore I start to seek. She is usually under the cabinet I have in the room and her nose is sticking out. I pretend I can’t see her and turn my back to her. That is when she starts to wiggle her tail or scratch on the floor and at that moment I come to her. She immediately goes deeper under the cabinet as fast as she can. Then I start to call her and tap on the floor with my fingers and she comes out and we start to run.
Then it is my turn. Since she can’t cover her eyes I put her under the blanket and hide. It is usually behind the table, so when she comes to me I start running and she is trying to catch me. It is really fun to play that with a ferret.


Play Catch

Another game we both love to play is to play catch, but with Frida under the blanket. She loves jumping on my bed, so I put her blanket on it and she goes under it within a second. I can see where my ferret is going under the blanket, so I place my palm in front of her and make a little barrier. Then she has to go around my palm or in another direction. If she goes around it, I remove my palm and repeat that in a few seconds. If she goes in another direction I lift the blanket and she starts to jump and run with that look: ”OMG you have found me!!” and then I put the blanket down. Repeat several times.

Another thing I am hoping I will teach Frida is to play catch. With the ball. That would be awesome. Just imagine I toss a ball and she finds it and gives it back to me. Have you ever tried to teach your ferret some game? What are your favorite games to play with your ferret?

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Anja Delic
Anja is a Friendly Ferret owner and a ferret parent who is involved in the ferret world for more than 10 years. She started her Friendly Ferret blog when she got her first ferret Frida 8 years ago. In 2013, Friendly Ferret was recognized as a great source of information and it has become a good ferret brand for education, products, and fun. Since then, Anja was a part in many ferrets shows as a sponsor and as a judge, and she met many great and interesting people who share the same passion as her - ferrets. Anja is always opened for suggestions and advice, so if you have something to ask or say about ferrets, feel free to contact her on Instagram, Facebook Fan Page, Twitter or support@friendlyferret.com