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I must say my year has started excellent! The only thing that I am sorry about is that I haven’t written anything since Christmas, but I must say I was really busy. As I said, the year has started great, with many interesting adventures in both private and business life.

For the new year, I was in Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic. It was without my little Frida, but for only a couple of days. I must add, Prague is beautiful!

But, we are here to talk about our furballs. I left Frida with my family for a couple of days and everything was perfect. It is a good thing to have someone who loves your ferret and your ferret loves them as well. That is precisely what I have with Frida and my family. Everybody loves each other, isn’t that nice?



What is the best solution for your ferret when you are away for a few days?

There are a few solutions, the best thing is to leave your ferret with someone you are close to. For example, like me and my family. That can also be your friend or your neighbor. The essential part is that your ferret knows that person. Also, that you leave your ferret with someone who knows how to handle ferrets. Some ferrets hate to stay with people they don’t know, so if your ferret is one of those ferrets, try to avoid that.

If you really don’t have anyone to leave your ferret with, there is always a person with a ferret or two who could do that to you. It is like babysitting. This ”babysitting” with other ferrets is my second choice and what I like about this is the chance your ferret has to play with other ferrets and even you can make new contacts and maybe even friends. The great thing is when you have this ”babysitter” you can take care of their ferret when they are away.  It is one favor for another.

Ferretsitting and my third choice, which I hope I won’t use, are the ones you have to pay. My third choice is the hotel for pets, which isn’t bad at all, but I don’t like the idea to rent a cage for my ferret while I am away. I am sure that there are excellent hotels for pets all around the world with proper care of your pets, doesn’t matter if it is a dog, cat or a ferret, but still, I find a smaller group of people a better solution. It is just my opinion. It is more intimate and I have the feeling that my ferret will be happier with fewer different animals and people around it. I know that situations like that can be very stressful.



So, how are your impressions about this topic? Do you have someone to take care of your ferrets when leaving your home for a couple of days?

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