Long time no see!


Well, it has been more than 6 months since my last post I am a little shocked how time can pass by. The year has been more than interesting and I was busy like never before! But, I find that a good thing because lying around and watching TV isn’t my thing.

Finally, I have the time and the energy to write something, to go back to my dearest Friendly Ferret with my dearest Frida. She is healthy, lovely, and happy like always and she still makes my life better every day. On May 11 ( this year’s Mother’s Day) my little Frida had her 2nd birthday! I can’t believe she is already two years with me! There are still days when I think to myself OMG I HAVE A FERRET!lEeorbe

Her birthday got me thinking about ferrets and their company. She is still my only ferret, but in the future, I am sure I will buy at least 2 more! I have already picked their names (I think I will go with the boys) and they will be Frodo and Yoda. I love the sound of that: Frida, Frodo & Yoda.

I have always wondered what is the best number when it comes to pets, particularly ferrets. It depends on your home, way of life, people you live with, etc. There are so many things you must consider. But, when we put all that aside, what is the best number in your opinion? If you haven’t had any kind of animal in your life before, one ferret is more than enough, am I right? But, if you already have a ferret, how many ferrets would you buy? Would you buy more, or stay with one? What are your criteria?


I have read somewhere, I can’t remember where it was (it was a long time ago) that if you want to have more ferrets, you should have three. And that made me think, why 3? Why not 4, 5, or 2? I must admit I didn’t think of the reason, but it is actually very logical and so simple. When you have 3 ferrets and one of them unfortunately dies, two remaining ferrets will comfort each other, none of them will feel lonely. Also, it is easier for a new ferret to be accepted by two ferrets, than by more. When you have more ferrets they become a little gang, running around doing crazy stuff, so it is harder for a new ferret to infiltrate that gang. Eventually, it will happen, but I feel like it would take longer for a new ferret if there are too many ferrets around it. If you have two ferrets and one of them dies, that one remaining ferret won’t be very friendly with the new ferret if you bring it right after the first one died. It won’t be very friendly and it will be very sad.

I am aware that you can’t make any rule with something like this because every ferret is special and unique but this thing has really made me sit down and think about it. I don’t know this is just my perception and I am absolutely sure you all have your own experiences and opinions and I would love to hear from you.

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Anja Delic
Anja is a Friendly Ferret owner and a ferret parent who is involved in the ferret world for more than 10 years. She started her Friendly Ferret blog when she got her first ferret Frida 8 years ago. In 2013, Friendly Ferret was recognized as a great source of information and it has become a good ferret brand for education, products, and fun. Since then, Anja was a part in many ferrets shows as a sponsor and as a judge, and she met many great and interesting people who share the same passion as her - ferrets. Anja is always opened for suggestions and advice, so if you have something to ask or say about ferrets, feel free to contact her on Instagram, Facebook Fan Page, Twitter or support@friendlyferret.com