Guide For Finding Baby Ferrets For Sale Near Me Or Online


Are you looking for a baby ferret?

Do you want to look for baby ferrets for sale online?

If you are, then this post might be the one you are looking for. My main topic today is baby ferrets. I will show you what you need to know about them before you buy them, where you can look for them, what is their average price and any other information that can help you with acquiring your new family member.

What Is A Baby Ferret?

A baby ferret is a very young ferret also known as a kit. We call baby ferrets every ferrets younger than one year. Recommended time for separating a kit from his mother is around two or three months of age. During that period a ferret will be strong enough and ready to leave his mother to go to another home.

baby ferrets for sale near me

If you are looking for newborn ferrets for sale, I would recommend you to have patience. If you want to buy a baby ferret, wait for at least 3 months of age so that the ferret goes through socialization with his mother. That way you will get a good young ferret, a ferret that knows how to act like one. So, to make sure you are getting good young ferrets for sale, look for ones that aren’t too young.

Where Can I Get Ferret Babies For Sale Near Me?

There are a few options to buy baby ferrets. You can get them in pet shops or you can get them for a ferret breeder. The last chance is to look for baby ferrets for sale online which means to look in classifieds, social media groups, etc.

Baby Ferrets For Sale In Pet Shops

Most ferrets you can find in pet stores are baby ferrets. They buy them from ferret farms and they sell them very young. Every ferret you get from a pet store is descented and neutered/spayed, that is pretty much a rule, meaning, you can’t avoid that. The problem with that is most kits endure neutering too early, which can lead to many health problems later in life. But, that is not the only issue when it comes to pet stores. If you want to see what else happens there, read my post about ferrets in pet shops.

Baby Ferrets For Sale From Breeders

Another option for getting baby ferrets is to contact a ferret breeder. Most ferret breeders plan to have baby ferrets in their offer and they give you young ferrets for sale when they are ready. That means you will get a ferret once he is strong enough and ready to separate from his mother.

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That baby ferret will know a thing or two about biting, playing, and potty training which means he is socialized by his mother and the breeder himself. But, not every ferret breeder acts like that. That is why it is very important to recognize good breeders from bad ones. You can read more about picking a ferret breeder in my post here.

Baby Ferrets For Adoption

The last option you can choose is to look for baby ferrets for sale adoption. That can happen from several sources like ferret shelters, ferret groups on different social media or you can find an ad online. If you are looking for baby ferrets for free, then your best choice is classifieds and ferret groups online. Those people who wrote in the ad that they are rehoming ferrets and that they don’t ask for money will give a ferret for free.

baby ferrets for adoption

But, just like everything in life, this isn’t written in stone, meaning that a person can change his/her mind and ask for money. If you want everything to go smoothly when you are looking for baby ferrets for adoption, then I suggest you contact ferret shelters. They will ask you for some adoption fee, but at least you will know everything from step one. If you want to know more about adopting a ferret, I recommend you read my post about ferrets for adoption.

What Is Baby Ferret’s Price?

The price of a baby ferret depends on where you buy him if you buy him or adopt him, even what type of ferret you want. Read my post about ferret types to see differences in colors, patterns, and more. The ferret price can vary from $100 to up to $500. The lowest price would be for a ferret from the pet shop and the highest price would be for an unusual type of ferret from a good breeder. That is a big difference in price, but I would strongly recommend going with the more expensive option because those ferrets come with a few advantages.

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For example, a good ferret breeder will have healthy ferrets with little or no medical problems and a long lifespan. They will also be socialized meaning no problems with biting or litter training. Cheap baby ferrets for sale usually aren’t used to human touch meaning they will bite you and you will have to teach them how to stop biting. Also, ferrets that come with a low price have more serious health problems meaning that you will spend much more on the vet during his life than you spent on buying the ferret in the first place. A ferret baby price is not the only expense you will have to have. Read my post about ferret prices and see what else you have to save your money for besides a ferret.

How To Buy Baby Ferrets For Sale Online?

Today you can do wonders online and that includes buying baby ferrets. If you are looking to buy a baby ferret online, then you can scratch out ferrets from pet stores because they don’t allow that. If you want to buy a ferret from a pet store, you have to go to the pet store. Besides that, pretty much every other option allows you to buy ferrets online. There are two ways for that, you can buy a ferret online, meaning you pay for it and the ferret comes to you and you can pay for the ferret online and come to pick it up.

Ferrets From Ferret Breeders

Ferret breeders make most of their deals online. That means you contact them, talk to them about picking out the ferret, the price and when should you get your ferret. Most of the communication can be through emails. Keep in mind that location is very important in this situation. There are ferret breeders that won’t deliver you a baby ferret so you will have to go and pick it up. They feel as baby ferrets shouldn’t go through a trip alone, especially if it is a long trip far away from home.

baby ferret for sale from breedersPhoto Source: It’s All About Ferrets Ferretry

If they agree on the delivery, then you will have to pay a hefty price to get the ferret delivered to you because it is how most pet carriers work. They are pretty expensive. But, you will get a well-mannered and socialized ferret if you pick a good breeder. So, before you decide on a breeder you want to contact, make sure you know how to pick a good-quality ferret breeder.

Ferrets From Private Groups

When you are purchasing a ferret from private groups on social media, it is natural that communication goes online. But, the problem with this particular situation is that you don’t know the person so wiring that person your money without actually seeing the ferret is not smart. So, I would definitely scratch this option from the buy baby ferret online category. What you can do is set everything up (the price, the location, and other info) online, then meet with the person to buy a ferret on the spot. It is the safest for you and the ferret.

buy baby ferret online

On the other hand, if you know the person you want to buy a ferret from or you know someone who can vouch for the person, you can do everything online. I believe that those persons will also consider the ferret delivery. If you agree with it, just make sure the ferret is calm, comfortable, and safe during the trip. Although, I think that it would be best for you to see and meet the ferret before you buy him, just to be sure you two will work OK together.

Downside For Buying Ferrets Online

The downside of buying a ferret online is that you can’t examine the ferret before purchase. It is a good idea to do it because you can see if the ferret is healthy. A healthy ferret should have clean and bright eyes, thick and clean coat without bald spots and he should be very playful. Those are the things you can’t determine simply by looking at pictures or videos of a ferret. You can’t even determine if the pictures show your new ferret or some random ferret so take extra caution when you are buying a ferret online.


If you are looking for a baby ferret for sale, I would recommend two options. The first one would be to check local ferret shelters and ferret groups so you can see if there are any baby ferrets for adoption. The second one would be to buy a baby ferret from a good breeder. That way you will be sure to get a healthy and happy ferret. What are your experiences? Share your point of view with us right here! Don’t forget to check our newsletter for even more ferret information!

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