Where Can I Buy A Ferret As Pet? Good And Bad Options Guide


Do you know where can you get a ferret?

What is the best solution to the: “Where can I buy a ferret?” question?

These are the questions we will answer in today’s post. I will share with you where you can buy a ferret online, where you can buy a ferret for cheap, where you can buy a baby ferret, and where you can get an adult one. Read this post if you are looking for a starting point in owning a ferret as a pet!

Where Can I Buy A Ferret?

There are options for you if you want to buy a ferret, but they aren’t all that good. So, today I want to share with you all the options, their pros, and cons and what should you consider when buying a ferret. First, I will start with the good options.

Reputable Ferret Breeders

The best option regarding ferret is a good breeder. A good breeder takes good care of each ferret, works with them, keeps them healthy, and gives them great living conditions. When you buy a ferret from a breeder, you will get a strong and healthy ferret with good manners. That means the ferret won’t bite you and he will get used to your, your hands, and your family without trouble. This is by far the best option, but it has some downsides. One of them is the price. Good ferret breeders require up to $500 for a single ferret. That depends on the type of ferret too so it is not a rule. where can i get a ferret from breeder

I wouldn’t say that the price is a big downside because you are getting a good ferret, but I have to mention it. The bigger downside is the fact that there aren’t that many good and professional breeders. It is hard to find a good breeder and you will have to make extensive research to locate one. Don’t get surprised if you can’t find a good one near you, it can happen. If you want to know more about how you can determine if a breeder is good, read my post about good and bad ferret breeders.

Adopt A Ferret

If you are interested in adopting a ferret, visit ferret shelters, or animal shelters, or any kind. The reason for that is because there are many ferret shelters and many ferret lover groups on social media. Most of them are connected locally which means a group of ferret lovers from one state or town will have one group, ferret lovers in another state/town will have another group. Adopting a ferret means giving him another chance at life and that is more than enough for you to decide on that option. You can adopt an adult ferret while buying them is not that common. In 99% of cases, you can buy a baby ferret, not an adult one.

where can i get a ferret to adopt

Adopting a ferret from a ferret shelter is slightly more complicated than adopting him from a ferret group. A good thing about adopting from a ferret shelter is that you can ask people in the shelter for advice and information. People there will try their best to help you choose the best ferret for you and your lifestyle. You can also ask them for vet recommendations, training tips, and everything you want and need to know about ferrets as pets. They won’t give you just any ferret so you can be sure you will have a perfect pet for you. If this is the best answer to where to get a ferret, read my post about adopting a ferret.

Where I Wouldn’t Recommend Buying Ferrets

The options I wouldn’t recommend are options regarding pet stores and so-called backyard breeders. Those options aren’t good because they hold ferrets in bad living conditions and they don’t really care about their health or socialization. We shouldn’t encourage those places and the best way to close them is to stop supporting them by buying baby ferrets from them.

Pet Stores That Hold Ferrets

This option is not as good as the first two options but it is there so I will share it with you. There are a few pet stores that sell ferrets and one of the most famous are Petco stores. If you are asking yourself where can I buy a ferret for cheap, then this is a solution for you. But, ferrets sold in pet stores aren’t good ferrets because most of them come from ferret farms.

where to get a ferret from pet store

Their ferrets live in bad conditions, there is no one to work with them, and they usually come with health problems due to too early neutering/spaying and bad genetic. Yes, they are a cheaper option than ferret breeders, but you will pay more in medical bills with ferrets from pet shops. So, think hard before you decide to get a ferret from the pet store and read my post about ferrets from farms too if you want to learn more about their behavior towards ferrets.

Backyard Ferret Breeders

Backyard ferret breeders are like ferret farms but on a much smaller scale. That means they will breed ferrets they have no matter the genetic material and that leads to ferret with health problems later in life. Also, ferrets they have in their home are often held in sheds in the backyard – hence the “backyard breeders” nickname. When you get a ferret from that breeder, you will have to work with the ferret. That ferret isn’t used to human hands so he might come with a biting problem.

where can i get a ferret near me

Also, you will have to train him to use a litter box and you will have to treat him against fleas. Ferrets from backyard breeders usually come with fleas since breeders hold them in a dirty environment. If you are looking to buy a ferret for cheap, this is a good option since their ferrets aren’t expensive, but I personally believe it is not worth it. You will get a ferret for cheap, but you could spend much more money dealing with their health problems.


It doesn’t matter whether you are looking for a baby ferret or an adult one, make sure you choose the right solution to the “Where can I buy a ferret?” question. If you really want to get a ferret and you don’t care where you will get one, adopt one. If you want to buy a baby ferret, choose good ferret breeders. Make sure that ferrets are good and healthy before you bring them home. So, do you agree with me about where to buy ferrets? Share your opinion with us and subscribe to the Friendly Ferret newsletter!

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