Owning A Pet Ferret: Why Are Ferrets Good Pets?


Consider getting a ferret?

Do you know why are ferrets good pets?

Ferrets are pretty amazing animals. Today I will share with you a few reasons why do ferrets make good pets. But, owning a ferret is not all rainbows and unicorns and that is why I will also share challenges you have to overcome to have a happy and healthy ferret!

Do You Know Why Are Ferrets Good Pets

Why Are Ferrets Good Pets?

First thing’s first, ferrets are pretty spectacular. If you haven’t seen one in person, I am sure you have viewed numerous videos online and I am sure that those furballs put a smile on your face more than once. Let me tell you, they are exactly like that in person too and for some people, ferrets are perfect pets! Check out the reasons why ferrets make good pets and see if you are among those persons.

Ferrets Are Cute

The beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but I am sure most people will agree that ferrets are adorable. There is something special about their round head that forces you to say “Awww!” the moment you see a ferret. That adorable face plus their long body with short legs is a recipe for cuteness. Let’s not forget their size, they are smaller than the average cat, which results in an undeniable desire to pick them up and cuddle for hours.

Ferrets are cute

Ferrets Are Playful

You might want to pick them up and cuddle, but they won’t let you. Ferrets find cuddling extremely boring, they want to run, jump and play instead. Their playful personality is the best anti-stress treatment you can get, you simply have to lay back and enjoy the show. The ferret war dance is the best proof of their playful nature and it consists of jumping around, dooking, and acting all crazy.

Ferrets Are Playful

You Can Form A Bond With Ferret

Another thing that makes them so great is that they will form a bond with you. You can work with your ferret from day one and you will see the bond between you two forms. Your ferret will trust you, love you and tolerate occasional cuddle sessions even though he really isn’t in the mood for that. He will trust you to hold him at the vet and even comfort him when he is injured or ill. You can even have a party for your pet ferret if you want and I am sure you both will enjoy it.

You Can Form A Bond With Ferret

Ferrets Are A Combination Of Cats And Dogs

I would say that ferrets are a perfect combination of cats and dogs. They are affectionate, but they don’t require that much attention like dogs. You don’t have to go for walks a few times a day, you don’t have to walk them at all. They will come to you if they want to cuddle, just like cats. They are smart like both pets and you can really enjoy in their company.

They Get Along With Cats And Tolerate Dogs

They Get Along With Cats And Tolerate Dogs

You can have a multi-pet household with a ferret. Actually, ferrets love company so it is a great idea to have more than one ferret. You can even have a cat and a ferret and a dog and a ferret. But, they get along better with cats than with dogs. Dogs can confuse them with prey which may result in accidents. So, make sure to keep an eye on your ferret if you have a dog too. If you want to see how to introduce a ferret and a cat, or a ferret and a dog, read my posts.

Ferrets Are Small

One of the reasons why ferrets are good pets in Japan is the fact that they are small animals. It is much easier to own a ferret than a medium-sized dog, even a small dog. People who own ferrets usually make a certain room a ferret room or a part of their home accessible to ferrets. You can restrict certain rooms like bedrooms or bathrooms to ferret and they will have enough place to run around and explore. But, you have to make your home safe for ferrets and you can easily do that by ferret proofing.

Ferrets Are Small

Ferrets Aren’t Vocal

You don’t have to worry that your ferret will wake you up as cats do it with meowing at 3 am. You also don’t have to worry that they will be too loud like some dogs are when barking. Ferrets aren’t vocal. The only way to hear a ferret is when he is super excited and starts “dooking” when he is scared/angry and he starts “hissing”, or he is injured, then you might even hear a scream. That is something you don’t want to experience. But, there is one thing you have to realize. Ferrets aren’t vocal, but they can be loud. They can scratch, flip, toss and shove different items in your home from tables, cabinets, etc. So, they can make breaking sounds with their mischief personality and intelligence.

They Sleep Most Of The Day

Average ferret beauty sleep lasts around 18 hours, which means they are awake only around 6 hours. If you own a ferret cage, then you know you should let your ferret out of the cage a couple of times a day. You can let him out in the morning for a couple of hours and in the evening for a couple of hours and that should be enough. But, remember, once a ferret is awake, he is a high-energy floof ball that loves to go wild.

Ferrets Sleep Most Of The Day

Ferrets Are Smart

Ferrets are true problem solvers. They are very determined pets and if they want something, they will figure a way to get it. That is why ferret-proofing is a very important task and often, it is a task you have to do over and over again. Ferrets love solving problems so don’t get surprised when you notice that a barrier you once set up is not functional. “HOW DID YOU GET THERE?!?” is a question most ferret owners ask their ferrets at least once a year.

Ferrets are trainable

Ferrets Are Trainable

Ferret’s intelligence and bond with the owner make them highly trainable. You can train a ferret numerous things. The most important things are to train your ferret not to bite and how to use a litter box. Besides that, you can train your ferret with different tricks like the famous roll-over, to give high 5, etc. The problem can be the fact that their attention can last up to 3 minutes so you will have to train for a short and long time. Once they figure out what you want from them, they are ready to do it, for a yummy treat of course.

Why Ferrets Are NOT Good Pets?

I can’t say that ferrets are bad pets, because they really aren’t. But I can say that there are a few challenges you have to consider before getting a ferret and I want to list some of the biggest and most important ones.

Make Sure Ferrets Are Legal In Your City

There are states and cities where you can’t own a ferret as a pet. So, make sure you check the laws in your city before you decide to own a ferret. I have made a list of cities and states where ferrets are illegal. You can find that list in my post about where are ferrets legal.

ferrets are illegal

You Have To Find A Good Vet

Having a good veterinarian is crucial to owning a ferret because not every vet knows how to handle a ferret.  Ferrets are still considered exotic pets and there are vets who will refuse to treat a ferret. So, make sure you know a good ferret veterinarian before you get a ferret.

Choose The Right Diet

Ferret’s diet is very specific and it should consist of raw meat, organs, and bones or whole prey. Now, if you aren’t sure you can handle that, you can give them kibble. But, you have to choose a high-quality kibble with a high percentage of meat and a low percentage of fruit and vegetables. Ferrets mustn’t eat fiber, sugar, or anything that isn’t an animal product. Also, the only kibble you can choose from is a premium cat kibble or high-quality ferret kibble. Dog’s kibble is not an option in any circumstance.

Choose The Right Diet

You Have To Desex Your Ferret

Desexing your ferret is your obligation. When you do it, you take care of his smell, his hormones, and behavior. Female ferrets have to mate if they are in heat or they can develop serious anemia that can harm their health. The only reason not to do it is if you want to breed your ferret and that is something you should leave to professionals. Here you can read more about ferret breeders.

You Have To Ferret-Proof Your Home

If you combine the ferret’s curious personality and long flexible body, you will get trouble with legs. Ferrets love to crawl into small and tight spaces like in the sofa, under the cabinet, behind the fridge, etc. All those places are extremely dangerous for ferrets because they can get stuck and they can get hurt. That is why you have to prevent them from entering those places and you can do that by ferret-proofing your home. That will require money and time, but everything is worth it once you know your ferret is safe. Read more about ferret proofing in my post here.

You Have To Ferret-Proof Your Home

Ferrets Don’t Do Well With Other Small Animals

You can see by their diet that ferrets are carnivores. They have a high prey drive which means they will kill any small animal they meet. That is why you mustn’t let them near small animals like rats, mice, guinea pigs, rabbits, snakes, or even lizards. They might look like they get along or that the ferret ignores the other animal, but eventually, the ferret will attack. It is not a possibility, it is a certainty. In this situation, it is only a matter of time. You can read more about it in my post about ferrets with other pets. Don’t even try to bond them, many have tried, many have failed.


Ferrets are lovely pets and there are numerous reasons why are ferrets good pets. But, owning a pet ferret is not something you should do on a whim. You shouldn’t get any pet like that, let alone a ferret because you will meet a few challenges on the way. What were your biggest challenges in owning a ferret? Share your stories with us in the comment section below the post!

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