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Are you looking for ferrets for sale?

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In this article, you will find every valuable information regarding buying a ferret. Where you can find ferrets for sale, how much is a ferret, what about baby ferrets for sale, etc. I will also show you the difference between a ferret from the pet store, ferret rescue/shelter, and ferret breeders, and other useful information regarding adding a ferret to your family.

Where To Look For Ferrets For Sale?

There are many options for you to choose your new ferret from and you can see them all in the table below. You can find ferrets on sale in pet stores, with the ferret breeders or you can even adopt a ferret from a ferret shelter or some person who has to rehome the ferret. Thanks to this variety of choices, you can choose the option you find the best for you and for the ferret you plan to buy. The first and the most important thing you need to choose is whether you want to buy a ferret or adopt one. With that choice, you can scratch the other options from the list.

ferrets for sale

For example, if you want to buy a ferret, then you should consider only pet stores and breeders. Keep in mind that there are two types of ferret breeders you can contact, but I will talk about them later in the article. If you decide on the adoption, then you should consider ferret shelters, ferret rescue centers, and persons who need to rehome their ferrets for some reason (not important at the moment). You can even check out animal shelters if they have ferrets if you don’t have ferret shelters near you.

What To Expect When Buying A Ferret?

As you can see in the chart above, each category comes with pros and cons, some of them are better than others. I want to explain to you what each category means for you and the ferret. I suggest you read this and decide on the best choice for you, the ferret, and everybody else.

pet ferret for sale

Pet Store – Ferret Farm

This option is the most commercialized one, after all, it is about stores. Pet stores buy their ferrets from ferret farms and that is not the best place to buy a ferret. Just like other animal farms, ferret farms are large-scale ferret breeders. But, the problem with them is that they don’t care about genetics or living conditions, they simply want to sell the ferret. So, ferrets that come to pet stores are too young, dirty, unsocialized, etc. If you want to see why you should avoid those places, read my post about ferret farms here. Those are ferrets you can get if you buy them from a pet store.

Backyard Ferret Breeders

Unfortunately, backyard ferret breeders are a lot like ferret farms, but on a smaller scale. That means they have a few ferrets in their ownership and they breed them so they can sell their offspring. Those types of breeders are called that way because they hold ferrets in sheds in the backyard, which means that they don’t really care about their living conditions, they will put them where they have room. Although they are not as extreme as ferret farms, they don’t do much to mix the genetic. When you get a ferret from a backyard breeder, you can expect to get a ferret covered with fleas too.

Backyard Ferret Breeders

Reputable Ferret Breeders

Probably the best option to get a ferret is to get it from a reputable ferret breeder. Those breeders are professionals, they are very serious about their ferrets and they will give you a well-mannered ferret with a clean bill of health. They care about genetics, about socialization and they care that their ferrets go to good hands so you will have a few interviews with them before you make a decision. I have a piece about ferret breeders and how to pick them and you can read good and bad ferret breeders here.

Adopting From Ferret Shelters

If you want to adopt instead of buy, then this is a choice for you. There are many ferret shelters and rescue centers and even more unwanted ferrets in them. So, by adopting you are giving them another home and they will be very grateful. The problem with ferret shelters is that you have to contact them or visit them to see what types of ferrets they have. They don’t have the same ferrets all the time so you have to stay in touch with them to know what they have. A good thing about them is that they will do their best to match you with a suitable ferret because it is in their interest to give that ferret the best possible home. Here you can read a little more about ferret adoption so you can get a picture of the entire process.

ferret adoption center

Adopting From Private Persons

Another adoption option is to go to a person who needs to rehome a ferret. You can find those persons in classifieds, groups on social media platforms, or by asking around. This is the most uncertain option because you don’t know anything about the owner and about the ferret until you contact the owner. You could get a young ferret, an adult ferret, a ferret from some breeder, or a ferret from a pet shop. Also, the person might ask you for money or it might give you the ferret for free. You can get equipment with the ferret or you can get only the ferret. Everything depends on the situation.

How Much Does A Ferret Cost?

The price of a ferret can vary from under $100 to above $500. It all depends on the market, where you buy a ferret, even the state you are in, or the continent you are in. But, we can say that the average is around $250, give or take. So, let’s see what you get if you buy a ferret from each category in the table.

Pet Store – Ferret Farm

The average ferret price in a pet store is around $150-$250. For that price, you will get a descented and neutered/spayed kit. Most pet ferrets for sale in their offer are only a couple of months old. The main problem with live ferrets for sale in pet stores is that they are neutered/spayed way too early. They should undergo that operation around 9 months of age. They do it under two months of age. That results in many health problems later in life.

ferret pet store

One of the most common is an adrenal disease, one of the most serious illnesses in the ferret world. The second problem is descenting, which is a procedure to remove anal glands and that procedure doesn’t do anything to remove the ferret’s smell. You can read more about their smell in my post about ferret’s smell. Ferret socialization is another issue in this department. Since those stores have many other pets in their offer, their workers simply don’t have the time to work with ferrets so ferrets end up biting their new owners. Socialization is an unknown term for ferrets from farms and stores. Read more about ferrets in pet stores in my post here.

Backyard Ferret Breeders

Backyard ferret breeders can go very low with their price, I know that there are places you can buy a ferret for far under $100 (even $50). When you stumble upon a price that is much lower than other prices on the market, you have to know something isn’t right. Well, that is the story with backyard breeders. They don’t really care about genetics, they have their ferrets and they usually mix only their own ferrets or with a ferret near them.

Backyard Ferret Breeders

The only good thing about backyard breeders is that they don’t neuter/spay kits, they let their new owners do that. Also, they don’t descent ferrets, that is another thing a new ferret owner has to decide. I would recommend skipping that part, it is really necessary. Read more about descenting in my post about descented ferrets. When it comes to socialization, most backyard ferret breeders don’t work with their ferrets so their ferrets are very similar to ferrets in pet stores.

Reputable Ferret Breeders

As you can see from the table, the most expensive option is the offer and with a reason. The price is very different because it is not the same if you look for a cinnamon ferret for sale, a black sable ferret for sale, or maybe an angora ferret for sale.  I would like to think that respected ferret breeders are true ferret lovers. They care about ferret genetic, health problems and they won’t care if they have to travel across the world to find a mate for their ferret.

Reputable Ferret Breeders

Kits grow up with their mothers before they give them to a new home. They work with those kits so they won’t bite you the minute they see you and they will be used to human touch. Also, their ferrets have a longer lifespan and they are less prone to many ferret illnesses. I would recommend buying a ferret from a good ferret breeder, even if it is the most expensive option. You will get a good, healthy, and well-mannered ferret.

Adopting From Ferret Shelters

When you are adopting an animal, you aren’t buying it, you are playing for an adoption fee. Those fees are similar to the price of the animal, but they are mostly used for other ferrets in the shelter and it is around $100. It can be more or less, depending on the shelter. What I like the most about ferret shelters, besides the whole adoption thing, is that people in ferret shelters really care about their ferrets.

How Much Do Ferrets Cost In Ferret Shelters

So, if you want to adopt a ferret from a shelter, you will have to talk with them about your lifestyle so they can give you a ferret that suits your needs best. They can even refuse to give you a ferret if they think you can’t provide him a good home. If you want to know something else about adoption, read my post about adopting a ferret.

Adopting From Private Persons

As I have already mentioned, adopting from a private person is probably the trickiest option on the list. The reason for that is because you don’t know anything in advance. A good thing is that you can contact ferret groups on social media and ask there for information. Most ferret groups are very supportive and they will help you with that, but with a bunch of other things like ferret information, recommend a vet, etc. The better option is if you have a friend who needs to rehome his/her ferrets or if you have a friend who has a friend in the same situation. If that too doesn’t work, you can look for ads. I must admit, that is my least favorite option.

How Much Does It Cost To Own A Ferret?

Besides a ferret, you will have to buy different big things like ferret cages, transporters, playpens. You will also have to buy small things like food and water bowls, ferret toys, ferret food, etc. Each cost can be separated into different categories. For example, we can separate them into one-time expenses, annual expenses, and monthly expenses.

One-time Ferret Expense

One-time ferret expenses are the ones you make once in a ferret’s life. One of the most important ones is neutering/spaying a ferret. By neutering a male ferret you are keeping his hormones in check which lowers the body smell and keeps his behavior under control. By spaying, a female ferret you are preventing aplastic anemia from developing by keeping her hormones in check, and the smell is minimized. What else you can do to reduce smell you can read in my post about how to get rid of ferret smell.

cage as One-time Ferret Expense

Other one-time expenses are ferret equipment like a ferret cage, transporter, and most ferret accessories. You know that a good ferret cage might be expensive, but once you buy it, you will be able to use it for years and years and that is why it is considered a one-time expense. If you aren’t sure that the cage you want is the best option, read my post about the best ferret cages. Here is a list of important ferret supplies if you want to double-check if you have everything!

Annual Ferret Expense

The annual expenses are mostly related to health. The first thing you need to do is to set up a vaccination appointment with your vet. Then, you have to repeat the vaccines each year and that is why this is an annual ferret expense. There are two vaccinations you have to give him, the canine distemper and rabies shot. The second expense is an annual ferret check-up so you can be sure your ferret is healthy. During those checkups, a vet will check his general health, sugar in the blood, ultrasound of the abdomen, and anything else needed for your ferret.

Ferret Monthly Cost

These costs can be in the annual category, it all depends on the quantity you buy. Those are things your ferret uses every day, even a couple of times a day. Yes, I am talking about ferret food and ferret litter. So, depending on the size of the bag and the number of ferrets you have, this can be both, annual or monthly expenses. It is hard to talk about the price, but I can share with you the average price of each product. For example, a good ferret kibble can cost around $30 a month, while a ferret litter can be around $25. Every other price and estimation, you can read in my post about the most important ferret expenses.

food as Ferret Monthly Cost


Choosing where you should look for ferrets for sale is as important as how much does a ferret costs and everything you need for a ferret before you get one. So, make sure you choose the best way to buy a ferret and provide him a good and loving home. Where did you get your ferret? Share your experience with us right here, we would love to hear your opinion! Subscribe to our newsletter for more interesting ferret info!

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