Ferret Accessories And Supplies List: What Do You Need?


What supplies do I need for a ferret?

What are the most important ferret accessories?

Read this post and find out. Here I will gather ferret stuff you must have before you get a ferret so you can welcome your new pet prepared. I will talk about ferret cage accessories, the best ferret toys, ferret harness and leash, and every other thing you need to keep your ferret happy at all times.

Why Do You Need Ferret Toys And Accessories?

Ferrets are playful animals so you need to keep them occupied. The best way to do that is to use ferret toys. But, not every toy is good and safe for ferrets so you should pick one that is good for them.

ferret stuff

The same story is with other ferret stuff. Every accessory you buy for your ferret, no matter if it is a food or water bowl, travel cage, playpen, or harness, has to be for ferrets. You can’t go and buy the first pet accessory you can find. Every product should be ferret-friendly and safe for them.

Ferret Supply List

There are many different ferret items you have to get to make your life easier. Those are connected to every part of their life, from health and care to traveling, fun, and playing. So, let’s check out what ferret products are smart to have by your side.

Ferret Cage

The first and the most important accessory you can get is the ferret cage. The ferret cage should be big enough, have more levels, ramps, and platforms. Make sure you use a cage made of wires for ventilation and not plexiglass tanks or aquariums.

ferret cage

Besides that, it should have few other criteria fulfilled and you can read all about them in my post about the best ferret cages. Also, make sure you set the cage correctly!

Ferret Tubes

One of the best ferret toys is tubes. Ferrets love exploring narrow places and tubes are perfect for that. Ferret tubes should be wide enough for a ferret to walk through them with ease and long enough to fit in your room.

ferret tube

The width should be around 10cm in diameter, which is a little less than 4 inches. The length is not that important it is best to adjust it to the size of the room.

Ferret Toys

Toys are right below the ferret tubes because they are equally important. They should be different because ferrets can get bored with one toy pretty quickly.

best ferret toys

The materials you have to avoid in ferret toys are: sponge, rubber, soft plastic, small pieces a ferret can chew and eventually swallow. Good ferret toys are toys on a string, plushies, tubes, tunnels, plastic balls, etc.

Ferret Ball Pit

A ferret ball pit is a pretty neat product. It is a pit filled with plastic balls. Balls are big like tennis balls so your ferret can’t chew them that easily.

ferret ball pit

There aren’t many actual ferret ball pits on the market so you can use ball pits made for kids too.

Ferret Playpen

Playpens are great for ferrets when you want to put them in the backyard. But, not every playpen is a good choice. A playpen should have toys for game time, bedding for sleep time, food and water for eating. When picking a playpen you have to think about what do ferrets need inside and what can they do to get out of it.

ferret playpen

You can choose between the fabric or wire playpen, both of them are OK for a ferret. The thing with wire playpens is that they should have a gap between the wires an inch wide, not wider. Also, the wires should be vertical so the ferret can’t use them to climb out of the playpen.

Ferret Harness And Leash

If you plan to walk around with your ferret you will have to get a ferret leash. But, don’t use ferret collars or the ones with bells because those can’t hold your ferret.

ferret harness and leash

Ferrets are flexible and most of them will get out of a collar within the first few minutes. The ferret harness and leash is a much better combo because the harness goes around ferrets’ front legs so it is harder for them to get out.

Ferret Travel Cage

No matter if you are going on a trip or a regular vet checkup, it is a good idea to have a ferret travel cage. You can use a plastic transporter or any small animal or cat carry bag.

ferret travel cage

The transporter should have good quality doors with a lock and should have enough room for one-two ferrets, a blanket, and a water bowl if the trip is long.

Ferret Nail Clippers

You can clip your ferret’s nails by yourself and for that, you will need good quality nail clippers. You can use the ones made for cats and small dogs. They should be sharp to make the entire nail clipping process much faster and easier.

ferret nail clippers

Don’t know who to cut ferret nails? Don’t worry, read my step-by-step guide in the Clipping ferret nails post.

Ferret Shampoo

Ferrets are clean animals and they don’t need a bath on regular basis. But, they are also pretty adventurous so you will have to bathe them when they get dirty. It can happen after a day out in nature, after digging in the plant, etc. When that happens, you will have to use shampoo. A ferret shampoo has to be sensitive and safe for theit skin.

can i wash my ferret with dawn dish soap

You can use kitten shampoo or even a baby shampoo like Johnson & Johnson if you can’t find a ferret shampoo near you. If you even get in that situation, read my post about bathing ferrets so you can know how and when bathing a ferret.

Ferret Litter And Litter Box

It is a good idea to put litter boxes in your room so your ferret can use them when he is out of the cage. A good ferret litter box should have low sides for easier entrance and a ferret safe litter in it. You can read all about the ferret-safe litter in my post about picking out the best litter.

do ferrets need a litter box

Puppy Pads

If you don’t want litter boxes all over the room, you can use puppy pads too. They are a good solution, easy to clean, and budget-friendly.

Puppy Pads

The only thing you have to worry about is that ferrets can play with them before they go potty.

Ferret Cage Accessories

What do ferrets need in their cage? Accessories you put in a ferret cage are the most important accessories. Ferrets eat, sleep, poo and pee in the cage so you have to provide them with ferret items for every situation and they are all listed below.

Ferret Food And Water Bowl

Every ferret cage should have a ferret food bowl and a water bowl. I would recommend models you can attach to the cage because ferrets love to “dig” in the water bowl.

Ferret Food And Water Bowls

I have tried many models and if you want to know what food and water bowls are the best options read in my post about ferret bowls.

Ferret Hammocks

Another pretty important thing you have to put in a cage are hammocks and blankets. Ferrets will sleep in them so make sure they are comfortable.

Ferret Hammocks

You can put as many hammocks as you want in the cage, your ferret will use them as he pleases. It is always better to have more hammocks than fewer in the cage.

Litter Box

The last must-have option for a ferret cage accessory is the litter box. A litter box is a place where the ferret poops and pees so it has to be a part of the cage interior.

litter box in the cage

Good options are triangle litter boxes because you can put them in the corner. What else you need to know about litter boxes? Read in my post about the best ferret litter boxes.

Ferret Toys For Cage

Ferret toys for the cage are a great addition that will keep your ferret entertained. Make sure that there are toys to keep him occupied, but also the ones that are safe for ferrets.

ferret toys in the cage

Choose only toys your ferret can use without your supervision, that means the ones he can’t chew. If you want to know which ones are these, read my post about ferret toys.

Ferret Cage Liners

Ferret cage liners are fabrics you use to cover platforms and ramps. Those aren’t obligatory, but they are good for ferrets’ paws. Also, it is easier to clean the cage with them. Simply, pull them off the ramps or platforms and toss them in the washing machine.

Ferret Cage Liner

What Else Do You Need?

Besides ferret accessories, you will need some other things before a ferret enters your life. Those are not connected to ferret products, they are much more connected to you but they affect ferret’s life as much.

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  • Good Ferret Information – you will need to learn everything there is before you get a ferret. It should be connected to their diet, training, activity, health issues, etc. That way you can be sure your ferret will have the best possible life
  • Good Veterinarian – ferrets are still considered exotic pets which means not every vet knows how to handle them. Find a knowledgeable ferret veterinarian, you can ask a ferret shelter near you for a recommendation

Ferret Supply List

  • Ferret Cage
  • Ferret Tubes
  • Ferret Toys
  • Ferret Ball Pit
  • Ferret Playpen
  • Ferret Travel Cage
  • Ferret Harness And Leash
  • Ferret Nail Clippers
  • Ferret Shampoo
  • Ferret Litter And Litter Box
  • Puppy Pads
  • Ferret Food And Water Bowl
  • Ferret Hammocks
  • Litter Box For Cage
  • Ferret Toys For Cage
  • Ferret Cage Liners


There are many ferret accessories you need to consider, from big cages to small nail clippers. Make sure you have the right ferret supplies list and you won’t have any trouble with picking the right ferret stuff for your new pet. Do you use any other accessories? Let us know in the comments below and subscribe to our Newsletter!

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