Things To Know & Things To Have Before Getting A Ferret


Do you know what do you need to have a ferret?

Or, what you need to know before getting a ferret?

These are the questions you have to ask yourself before your new family member comes home. If you have and know everything before deciding on getting a ferret, you can spend time with him the moment the ferret comes to your home. You don’t have to spend time frantically buying essential supplies so your new fuzzy can have a comfortable life. So, today I want to share with you what to know before getting a ferret, what do you need to have a ferret, and what you can buy when the ferret is already at your home.

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Things To Know Before Getting A Ferret

It is logical you have to do the research about the animal before you bring her home. So, the same logic applies to ferrets. You can see by their appearance that ferrets aren’t ordinary pets. That means you have to know a thing or two about them and their everyday requirements before you get one.

Find A Good Source Of Information

The trouble with ferrets is that they are rather new “popular pets”. Their popularity rapidly grew through the last decade and, although it is easier now, it is not that simple to find good ferret information. friendly ferret ebook subscribe

So, once you find a respectable source of ferret info, stick to it and learn everything you need to know before getting a ferret. Make sure the source is filled with theoretical knowledge as much as it is with practical tips. Those tips can be about training, socialization, nutrition, etc.

Investigate Where To Buy A Ferret

There are many ferrets for sale all over the world. But, not every person who sells them wants what is best for ferrets. Some ferret sellers breed them only for money and that results in smaller, weaker ferrets more prone to serious illnesses. The most serious ones are adrenal or insulinoma.

Investigate Where To Buy A Ferret

Make sure you get a ferret from a good place, a place where that ferret is being taken care of because those are the places you have to support. The best way to support them is to buy from them. If you want to know more about buying ferrets, read my post about ferrets for sale.

Find A Good Ferret Veterinarian

Not every veterinarian knows or wants to handle a ferret. That is why you need to find someone who is specialized in ferrets, or at least, wants to learn about them. You will visit that vet for an annual check-up or for some serious treatment.

Find A Good Ferret Veterinarian,

When that happens, you want your ferret to be comfortable with a vet and the vet to be comfortable handling the ferret. The best way to find a vet is to ask ferret owners or ferret shelters near you if they exist.

Learn About Ferretproofing

Ferrets are small animals with short legs, long bodies, and extremely flexible spines. On top of all that, they are curious and they love to sniff around. Their favorite places to sniff are tight and dark places like space under the couch, the drawer in your kitchen cabinet, or the backside of a bookshelf. Unfortunately, their investigating adventures can end up badly for them.

everything you need to know before getting a ferret

So, you have to keep them safe by preventing them from entering places they shouldn’t go. That is called ferret proofing and it is a process you have to do in every part of your home a ferret has access to. Read more about it with practical advice in my post about ferret-proofing your home.

Things You Need To Get Before Getting A Ferret

You will want to spend time with your new pet the moment he steps into your home. That is why it is important to get crucial things your ferret needs before he comes so you can do that. Those things are connected to his health, safety, and entertainment.

Ferret Cage

Ferrets are mischievous animals and if you want to keep them safe, you have to get a ferret cage. Since ferrets sleep around 18 hours a day, you have to let them out at least two times a day for a couple of hours. That way you can provide them with enough exercise for both mind and body.

things you should know before getting a ferret about ferret cage

If you don’t do that you will have a frustrated ferret that will try to break out of the cage (by biting the cage for example) and he will get hurt. A good ferret cage is a multi-level cage with platforms and ramps made of solid plastic. You can read more about how to decide whether a cage is good for ferrets in my post about the best ferret cages.

Food And Water Bowls

It is cute to give food to pets on a plate, but food and water bowls are a better solution. Plates are often too big so a ferret has to enter the plate to grab the food. By picking good ferret bowls you can avoid that situation and all the mess that accompanies it. Also, you have to find a suitable food bowl because ferrets are known to tip the bowl over for several reasons.

what you need to know before getting a ferret about water bowls

That is why I suggest food and water bowls you can attach to the side of the cage. That way you can prevent your ferret from making a mess while eating. If you want to check out my food and water bowls adventure, read my post about the best food and water bowls.

Ferret Hammocks And Blankets

Ferrets don’t use animal bedding for burrowing as other small animals. You have to provide them with other bedding in a form of hammocks and blankets. Those fabrics have to be durable because ferrets love to dig in before they lay down for a nap. Also, there are a few ferrets that will try to chew those blankets and it is a good thing to avoid that.

hammocks and blankets what do you need to have a ferret

Fleece is a good choice for hammocks. Remember, avoid all hammocks and blankets with any type of net or lace. If a hole in the net is small, the ferret’s paw can get stuck. If a hole in the net is big, the ferret’s leg or even the neck can get stuck. That can end up badly so it is best to completely avoid it. You can find out more about ferret hammocks in my post about them here.

Suitable Ferret Transporter

You have to bring a transporter with you when you go get your new ferret. So, you have to buy it before that. A good ferret transporter is a transporter for a cat. That means it is enough for one or more ferrets. Good options are the ones with the doors at the top.

what you need to know before getting a ferret transporter

If doors open accidentally, the ferret won’t be able to escape that second. Also, make sure the transporter is see-through, it can have a part made of mesh so you can see inside. I wouldn’t recommend transporters made of fabric because they are harder to clean.

Good Litter With Litter Box

If you want to train your ferret to poop in the litter box, start immediately. You can do that if you get a litter and a litter box before you get a ferret. Now, it is important to know that not every litter is good for ferrets. You have to stay away from clay litters and litters made of wood shavings that contain essential oils. Those can be harmful to the ferret’s respiratory system. A good choice is pellet litter made of recycled paper.

things to know about litter before getting a ferret

When it comes to the litterbox, it is a good idea to pick a model you can attach to the side of the cage. Your ferret will move the litterbox around the cage and that can result in a big mess. You can read more about both those topics in my posts about picking the right ferret litter and how to choose a good litter box.

Ferret Safe Toys

You can help your ferret to adjust to new surroundings by letting him investigate and play with him. Also, playing with your ferret will make your bond stronger with time. But, you can’t just give him the old plushies you have lying around because plastic eyes and noses can be harmful to ferrets. You have to find good ferret toys that aren’t made of rubber, don’t have a sponge and your ferret can’t swallow it.

getting a ferret safe toys

If your ferret swallows some part or the entire toy, he can have a blockage that is very dangerous. Your ferret will have to undergo an operation to remove the blockage. So, if you want to avoid that, play with your ferret with ferret-safe toys. To avoid running to the store once a ferret arrives, get a couple of toys he can play with immediately.

Good Ferret Food

There are a couple of ferret sellers that will give you food with the ferret, but there are some that won’t do that. So, to avoid having a hungry ferret at home, make sure the food and the water are there for him. The first thing you need to decide is whether you will feed your ferret with raw meat or high-quality kibble. Ferrets are carnivores and they can’t process fruit nor vegetables. That means there are kibbles good for them and kibbles bad for them.

what to know about good ferret food before getting a ferret

So, if you decide on a kibble, you have to find the best one to keep your ferret happy and healthy. I can help you with that because I have made a post about how to pick the best ferret kibble. If you decide on the raw meat diet, you have to do the research because that diet has to be balanced. It means you have to provide at least three animal proteins and a certain amount of meals that contain bones, meat, and organs.

Things You Can Get After Getting A Ferret

Everything else you can get the next day, next week, even next month. I will now list things that belong in this category and they are mostly connected to situations you can experience once a month at least.

Ferret Treats

Treats are a great way to build a bond with your ferret and to train a ferret. You can train your ferret to poop in the litter box, to stop biting if he has a biting problem. You can also use treats to train your ferret with different tricks like roll over, high 5, etc. Treats aren’t something you can give your ferret as much as you would give him food so you can wait with their purchase.

getting ferret treats

Good ferret treats are salmon paste, salmon oil, dried meat like chicken, cooked chicken (no spices), or the same as the kibble you bought for the food. If you want to see what else you can teach your ferret, read my post about ferret training.

Grooming Supplies

You will need grooming supplies every two weeks, once a month, or once a year, depending on the grooming. For example, you will need nail clippers to clip his nails every two weeks. You will need an ear cleaning solution to clean his ears once a month. You will need a toothbrush for teeth cleaning also once a month.

things you should know about grooming before getting a ferret

The only thing you will need once a year is shampoo. You don’t have to bathe a ferret, he does it alone. If you over-bathe a ferret, you can cause skin problems so don’t do it. If you want to learn more about each and every chore I mentioned, read my post about ferret grooming.

Ferret Harness And Leash

Ferrets are indoor animals so you don’t have to walk them if you don’t want to. But, it is smart to have a harness and a leash if you have to keep your ferret under control for some reason. It can be for a trip to the vet, your guests are coming and you don’t know how would they react. Maybe you want to introduce your ferret to another ferret or pet.

ferret harness and leash

All those situations can benefit from owning a harness and a leash. But, not every harness will keep your ferret under control. Make sure you get a good ferret harness like the ones I mentioned in my post about ferret harnesses so you can prevent your ferret from escaping.


Preparation is the best way to keep everything under control. If you buy listed things before getting a ferret you will be able to focus on your new family member completely. That can reduce stress from your and your ferret’s life. Do you plan to buy things before a new pet comes or do you plan to buy it all at the same day? Share your opinions with us below the post in the comments and don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter!

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