Ferret Bedding: Ultimate Guide For Ferret Beds & Hammocks


How to choose good ferret beds?

Are ferret hammocks the best choice?

Deciding on good ferret beds and hammocks is not an easy task and I am here to help you with it. Today I want to share with you what is the best material and the best design for both, blankets and hammocks for ferrets. You will learn everything you need to know about ferret hammocks and beds so you can decide on the best option for your pet!

Why Ferrets Use Hammocks And Beds?

As you can assume, ferrets sleep in hammocks and beds. Unlike other small animals, they don’t use animal bedding for sleeping. They don’t like it and they don’t burrow in it as hamsters do. I find that actually relieving because they can’t make a mess with it in the cage. Some animal bedding can actually be harmful to ferrets so it is best to avoid it. You can read about the pros and cons of animal bedding in a ferret’s cage in my post about bedding.

ferret hammocks
Hammocks and beds are a far better solution for ferrets because they are comfortable and you can put them all over the cage. Also, they are a much healthier option for ferrets, as long as you pick the right one. How to pick the right material and design? Find out below!

What Ferret Beds Material Is The Best?

A material your ferrets will love should be durable, but soft at the same time. It has to be durable because ferrets love to dig in the fabric to make themselves comfortable. It also has to be soft because they are sleeping in it. I know that all sounds pretty theoretical, but how to pick that particular material? I can help you with that.

Fleece Ferret Beds And Hammocks

The material you are looking for is a fleece. Fleece is the best choice for best bedding for ferrets and it was tested by thousands of ferret owners and ferrets all over the world. Not only it is durable and soft, but it is also on the cheaper side so you don’t have to buy expensive blankets.

ferret blankets

I know that fleece doesn’t sound fancy, but ferrets don’t need fancy, they need comfort and durability. Ferrets don’t care how expensive one bed was so you shouldn’t either. The best ferret cage bedding is mostly made of fleece so you won’t spend too much time searching for it.

What Material Should You Avoid?

There are a few bad materials just like there is the best one for ferrets. Now, I won’t name the material that is bad for them because the characteristics are too wide. But, what I will do, I will name the things you should look into so you can know that material should be avoided.

Thin & Light Materials

As you can assume, thin and light materials like silk aren’t a good match with ferrets. First, your ferret will destroy it in a couple of weeks, if not days. There is no point in owning a ferret hammock if you have to replace it every few weeks with a new one since the old one is destroyed.

avoid thin ferret hammock materials

Fluffy Materials

Fluffy material sounds extra comfortable, am I right? Well, it is, but it is not safe. When your ferret starts digging in a fluffy material, his nails can get stuck in all the fluff. Most of the time that results in panic which means the ferret will act wild to set himself free. That can result in an injured or even broken paw and broken toenail.

fluffy blanket is not good for ferret hammock

Nets Or Lace Of Any Kind

Nets and lace can look cool, but they aren’t comfortable and they aren’t safe. There is a chance your ferret will ignore them. If he doesn’t ignore it, that is great, but I still wouldn’t recommend it. Nets have holes, no matter how small or big. Those holes can seriously injure your ferret. If the net is small, it can hurt your ferret’s paw or nail just like the fluffy material above. If a hole is bigger, it can be even worse because your ferret can get his head stuck which can be fatal.

lace is not a good option for ferret hammock

Where To Put Ferret Hammocks And Beds?

The majority of ferret blankets and hammocks will end up in the cage. But, besides the cage, you can leave them around your home if you let your ferret’s free roam. So, let’s see where you can put them and which designs are the best for that.

Best Ferret Cage Bedding

You can put hammocks and blankets in the cage. Hammocks are great because you can hang them on every platform to save space. Also, you can easily remove them from the cage for cleaning without fearing your ferret stashed food in them. Blankets are also a good solution, but their downside is that they will probably be filled with food. Ferrets mostly stash food on the floor under a blanket, not in the ferret hanging bed. I always combine blankets and hammocks so my ferrets can decide where they want to sleep.

best bedding for ferrets


Best Bedding Outside Of The Cage

Ferret blankets are the best solution for the outside of the cage.  Hammocks aren’t since you have to have a construction that will hold the hammock. In the cage, you hang it on the walls of the cage. If you decide to put a blanket out of the cage, make sure every family member knows where it is. That can be under the coffee table, in the corner of the room, or even on the couch, just make sure people know that ferret is there. That way nobody will accidentally step or sit on the sleeping ferret.

ferret hanging bed

What Ferret Beds And Hammocks Designs To Choose?

There are numerous designs of ferret hammocks, from simple ones in the shape o a square to more complicated ones like that famous pirate ship ferret hammock. All of them are great, but there are pros and cons for every category. Let’s check them out!

Basic Ferret Hammocks

Basic ferret hammocks are ferret square hammocks, hammocks in a form of a pillowcase, etc. I would recommend getting closed ferret hammocks which means your ferret can enter the hammock to sleep. That is good because the ferret is in the dark and cut from the loud world around him so he can relax. Another thing that makes the basic design better is the fact that they are easy to make so they don’t have many seams your ferret can open.

ferret beds

Complicated Ferret Hammocks

Complicated ferret hammocks are the ones made in a particular shape, like the pirate hammock I mentioned above. There is also a banana ferret hammock, cube hammocks, etc. Although those hammocks are very cool, you have to be careful with them. Complicated designs mean a seamstress has to saw together many different parts which result in many seams. Those types of hammocks aren’t that durable because they have many weak parts your ferret can break. Yes, I am talking about seams.

ferret cube hammock

Why Should You Inspect Hammocks And Blankets?

As I have already mentioned, ferrets love to dig. When ferrets dig, they are thinning the fabric and during the time, the hammock will get destroyed. That is natural, nothing is permanent, including the fabric. That is why I strongly recommend checking the state of each hammock and blanket you have. The best way to do that is when you are putting the hammocks and beds in the washing machine.

best ferret hammocks

Do the inspection and if you see a broken seam or a hole in the fabric don’t give it to your ferrets. Repair the hammock or toss it aside. Those holes and broken seams are trouble and they can hurt your ferret. If he notices a hole, he will do what it takes to make it bigger so he can investigate further. That is a curious nature they have and you can’t do much about it.

How To Clean Ferret Hammocks And Beds?

Ferrets are very clean animals and they want their surroundings clean too. It is your job to keep the entire cage clean, including the hammocks, beds, and blankets. The best way to clean everything is to do it once a week. Pick a day to clean the entire cage with everything in it. Replace old ferret beds with new ones and place all old beds into the washing machine. As I have already mentioned, before you place them in the washing machine, check every ferret hammock set and make sure it isn’t damaged in any way.

How To Clean Ferret Hammocks And Beds

When you are washing ferret hammocks and blankets you have to know that using a perfumed detergent or fabric softener isn’t recommended. Those supplies have chemicals that can hurt the ferret’s respiratory systems. You should stick to the natural, odorless detergent that comes with the “for sensitive skin” label or any other type without too many chemicals. You can completely avoid fabric softeners, they are unnecessary and they can initiate ferrets.


By picking the right ferret hammock set, you can provide your ferret a comfortable life so make sure you choose the right one for you. There are blankets and hammocks and their preferences mostly depend on a ferret. What does your ferret like more? Hammocks or blankets? Share your experiences with us below the post and don’t forget to subscribe!

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