Trick and treat


Ferrets are intelligent animals and even though it can be a challenge to make them come when you call them or stop them from wandering around, but they are actually really cooperative animals.  Ferrets can be taught different tricks and you will have so much fun doing it, just like everything else with a ferret. For teaching some trick you must have time, patience, and a treat that your ferret loves more than anything.

The Perfect Treat

Frida has one treat that she worships. They are little hearts, treats for cats, but she loves them. While I was writing this post I took a picture of treats and Frida was asleep. The moment I opened the box, Frida woke up and came to me, because she wanted a treat. So, you can see how much she loves them, she woke up to the smell of treats!

friendlyferret treat

When Frida was about 6 months old we started training. Her level of distraction was through the roof, so it took us some time to get a hang of it. Since she was little I wanted to start with something simple. So, all I wanted from her was to stand on her back legs. It took us maybe one month before she figured out and she wasn’t very stable.

When I wanted to train Frida I had to clear everything, so she wouldn’t get distracted and we started. It was very simple all I did was hold the treat in front of her nose and pull it up. We did it almost every day for 10 minutes, or more because I didn’t want to force her. I had to do that for about a month and now when she smells a treat she immediately stands on her back legs without me asking her.

The second trick we have learned is the rollover. This trick was more challenging than I expected, but I was so proud when she did it for the first time. This trick was more challenging because the minute Frida saw a treat she stood on her back legs, so I had to lay her and roll her first by myself. She was confused a little bit. While I was gently rolling her I held a treat in front of her nose so she can smell it and after that action, I gave her a treat. Then she was like ”What are we doing?” One time she just stood there and looked at me with those big black eyes and didn’t do a thing. The first few weeks were like that, I did most of the work, but after a while, she figured out what I want. We practiced it for about a month or so and now she does it like a big girl!

Funny thing is that she only knows how to roll over to the left, rolling to the right is a mystery to her.

We are planning to learn so many new tricks because seeing your ferret do all those tricks is really a pleasure. Our next trick will play dead so fingers crossed and hope we will show you our new trick soon!

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