Who lies behind Friendly Ferret?


If you were wondering who is the person behind the Friendly Ferret brand, here I am! My name is Anja and I am a part of the ferret world for around 10 years. The entire Friendly Ferret story started way before I made the blog in 2013. Here I will show you how it all began.

First Ferret Encounter

My first encounter with ferrets was through TV. I grew up watching movies with Silvester Stalone, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and Bruce Willis. Somehow they are responsible for my love towards those little furballs. Why? Well, the first time I noticed this awesome animal was in a movie named ”Kindergarten Cop” (starring Arnold Schwarzenegger ). He plays a cop who has an undercover assignment as the kindergarten teacher. The problem is that he doesn’t know anything about children. In one scene he took a beautiful ferret to kindergarten hoping children will be interested in it and stop running around. Of course, children were very interested in that little animal. And so was I. That one movie was my first encounter with ferrets. In the first second, I knew I must and I will have this animal.

Anja Delic Friendly Ferret Expert

Frida the First Friendly Ferret

I wanted to have a ferret almost my entire life. When I was a bit older I started collecting information about them. Eventually, a ferret named Frida came into my life. That happened in 2012 and since then everything I knew about ferrets I could use in real life. We were teaching how to stop biting, how to walk on a leash, how to prevent heatstroke, or what to do when you have a vet appointment. With our first steps together we realized that there isn’t much practical information about ferrets. So, the Friendly Ferret blog was born. This was the place where I wrote everything I learned, experienced, and found out about ferrets.

New Friendly Ferret

I wanted to make a difference in a ferret world so I decided to develop Friendly Ferret even more. It was transformed from a personal blog to a good ferret brand that offers products for ferrets and for people. My third goal was actually my first goal, but with a twist. I wanted to share good ferret information and become a good source of information about ferrets online. Also, I couldn’t resist sharing their crazy antics, war dances, jumps, and overall cheerful characters through social media profiles so I made Friendly Ferret Instagram, Facebook Page, and Twitter.

Anja Delic Part of Ferret Community

Part of Ferret Community

Through the years I became a part of the ferret community and it is a great feeling to share your enthusiasm about something so small with other people. My Friendly Ferret slowly became much more. So, in 2017 we were a part of our first ferret show in Budapest and one of the sponsors. Next couple of years we returned to the Budapest ferret show, but this time we participated next to judges as writers. That was a great experience for me and it allowed me to become a judge for the first time in my life. My first judging was in the Odense ferret show in Denmark in 2019. A year after that I was a judge in Tallin, Estonia at the beginning of 2020 and it was right before the COVID breakthrough to Europe.

New Year New Beginning

At the beginning of 2021, I made another step forward with Friendly Ferret. With a help of a couple of amazing ferret enthusiasts, I decided to write more serious and more detailed educational ferret posts. Also, with those same experts, I am writing eBook made for every ferret owner. That eBook will gather every useful and practical information a ferret owner should know. It doesn’t matter whether you have experience, or you are a first time owner, this book will have useful information even for you.

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I will send you high-quality content about ferrets. You will receive information about ferret socialization, health and training all on Friendly Ferret website! You will also have a chance to participate in giveaways and look at tons of beautiful ferrets all over the world!
Anja Delic
Anja is a Friendly Ferret owner and a ferret parent who is involved in the ferret world for more than 10 years. She started her Friendly Ferret blog when she got her first ferret Frida 8 years ago. In 2013, Friendly Ferret was recognized as a great source of information and it has become a good ferret brand for education, products, and fun. Since then, Anja was a part in many ferrets shows as a sponsor and as a judge, and she met many great and interesting people who share the same passion as her - ferrets. Anja is always opened for suggestions and advice, so if you have something to ask or say about ferrets, feel free to contact her on Instagram, Facebook Fan Page, Twitter or support@friendlyferret.com