It’s small, it’s adorable…. What is it?


yoda-se-skriva-1I wanted to get another ferret for a while now and this week my dream came true. A few days ago I went on a road trip to expand my Friendly Ferret family. It was a long trip and that really didn’t bother me because at the end of that trip I’ll have another ferret! I won’t tell you a thing about it, for now.

The bad thing about this road trip is that it was raining in the morning and it looked like it will rain the entire day! I really hoped that the sun will shine and that it will be warm, but not even that won’t ruin my special week!  I have had about 4 hours to drive to get there and 4 back home, so I was on the road for almost the entire day. Early in the morning, I grabbed a transporter, some old shirts (so he can get used to my smell immediately), one water bottle, a bag of food, and snacks for me. I was ready for my road trip!

I can’t remember when was the last time I drove for 4 hours straight and I thought it will be exhausting and I wasn’t wrong. It was hard but we did it.

Anyway, when I came to the destination, my soon-to-be ferret was in the cage with another kit. That was great because he knows how to act with another ferret. Frida met few ferrets in her life, nothing much, so I actually don’t know what to expect from her.

I noticed my ferret, grabbed it and he climbed in my arms, almost on my shoulders too. He is really sociable, doesn’t bite that much (it is still a baby, so, of course, it bites – only feet) I got him, put him in the transporter and we were on the road again! He slept almost the entire trip (of course, the weather was perfect for sleeping and cuddling under the blanket) and the minute we came home, he was awake.

Now we can talk more about my new ferret. It is a 500 grams kit with cinnamon fur and I called him YODA. For you who have read my few older posts, there is a post where I talk about how many ferrets is the right number it is called Long time no see.  Anyway, why am I mentioning that? There I said that I want 2 more ferrets and that their names will be Frodo and Yoda. I think that the best number for ferrets is 3, so when one unfortunately dies, the other 2 can comfort each other. I know that with ferrets it’s hard to stay at one number, so I’m flexible! Just imagine having three ferrets with the names Frida, Frodo, and Yoda. Sounds amazing! I imagined Frodo would be black sable or even solid black and Yoda would be lighter (like white, champagne, cinnamon, chocolate)


As you can see, I picked a cinnamon ferret and his name is Yoda! Yoda is extremely adorable, I forgot how kits can be beautiful! I am pretty sure Yoda will be a little rascal. When Frida came (4 years ago) she was crazy but in a ladylike way. This one is really crazy! It is already climbing on my bed, on me like those kittens you see on Youtube! It jumps on my pants, climbs on my shirt, and sits on my shoulder. It even climbed on my bike I have no idea how! Amazing! I should’ve named it Rambo.

The first thing Yoda did in my room was pooping! Of course, it was under the bed so I had to crawl under it to clean and then – the most adorable war dance! Yoda sniffed the entire room, every corner, every wall, explored every inch of it, and while it was doing that he looked like a little monkey. Then, I tossed the ball. And that was all! Yoda forgot about me, about our road trip, there was only  – the green ball. For 10 minutes straight the game was on.

When Yoda finally left the ball alone I grabbed it and we took a bath because, well – fleas. I’ve filled a plastic box with warm water and a very small amount of Johnson’s baby shampoo. Yoda seems to like (or tolerate) water it was very chill when I picked fleas out of the fur. Good thing it is light I could see almost everything. After about half an hour we managed to get rid of most fleas but not all. Since it was already late I’ve put Yoda to bed and it was done (it didn’t argue). Sleeping time! A very interesting day was behind us so we had to recharge our batteries!

For now, he seems amazing and I am extremely happy! But, don’t think I will forget about Frida, she’s my little lady and because she’s my first ferret is always number 1. Those 2 are a great example of how ferrets can be different. Maybe is because it is still a baby, but Yoda is a daredevil, while Frida knows what she can or can’t and does things easily! Yoda loves to climb, Frida doesn’t find that interesting. Yoda plays with the ball, Frida runs to the ball and changes direction halfway. Frida loves to play with water while drinking, Yoda drinks water normally.  These are some differences and there are many more.

No matter if you have a climber, water player or extremely deep sleeper love your ferret and give him kisses from me, Frida, and Yoda! <3

Road trip!

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