Are Ferrets…? Most Popular Ferret Questions Answered


Are ferrets good pets?

Are ferrets easy to take care of?

Those and many other similar questions you can find answered in the post below. I have gathered the most common “Are Ferrets?” questions that can help you learn more about those interesting and still rather unknown pets! I have divided questions into different categories so if you are interested in one certain topic, check out the category it should belong to!

are ferrets good pets

Ferrets As Pets

Are Ferrets Exotic Pets? 

Yes, ferrets are considered exotic pets in many countries. An exotic pet is an unusual animal like a ferret, but also like a lizard, spider, sugar glider, etc. To have an exotic pet means you have to do the research about the pet so you know a thing or two about diet, training, living environment, health issues, etc. Another pretty important thing in owning a ferret as an exotic pet is to find a good veterinarian. Not every vet has knowledge about ferrets and your task is to find a good veterinarian, preferably a specialist in ferrets, but a good vet who knows how to treat ferrets is also welcome.

Are Ferrets Expensive To Take Care Of? 

Every animal is expensive to take care of and ferrets aren’t different. The ferret itself can cost from $100 to $500 and besides him, there are other things you have to buy. You have to buy a cage and other ferret accessories, you have to buy food and you have to have a budget for the veterinarian. That budget is reserved for annual check-ups and vaccinations, but it should also have a certain amount for unexpected situations. The sooner you realize that a pet is a big responsibility, no matter the type, the sooner you can start with preparations and making a budget for everything one ferret needs. You can read more about planning a budget when it comes to ferret in my post about how much does a ferret cost.

are ferrets expensive

Are Ferrets Illegal?

Yes, they are illegal in some countries and in some cities. This is one of the reasons ferrets are still considered exotic pets. If you want to have a ferret as a pet, the first thing you have to do is to check whether you can keep a ferret as a pet where you live. If you can keep a ferret, make sure to check whether you need a permit for a ferret or not. You can read more about the ferret legality issue in my post about states where ferrets are illegal.

Are Ferrets Good Pets To Own?

Ferrets are pretty good pets, but their compatibility with you depends on your lifestyle. Generally speaking, ferrets are considered good pets because they are smart, you can train them and you can create a bond with them. But, they can also be challenging because they need constant attention, you can’t leave them unsupervised. Ferrets can get along with other pets but depends on the type of pet. This is a rather complicated topic and if you are interested in learning more about it, read my post about the good and bad sides of having a ferret as a pet.

Are Ferrets Good Apartment Pets?

Yes, I would say that ferrets are good apartment pets. They are rather small animals, only half a size of an average cat. They are also mostly indoor pets, meaning you don’t have to walk them like you would have to do with dogs. You have to have a space for a cage you can put your ferret in when you aren’t around.

are ferrets good apartment pets

But, you have to let him out at least 4 hours a day so he can get enough exercise and you have to keep an eye on him because he will try to crawl behind your fridge, under your couch, etc. They love tight spaces and if you want to avoid that, you have to ferret proof your home.

Are Ferrets Good Beginner Pets?

That actually depends on a person. My first ferret was my beginner pet and I was thrilled every minute of every day. I loved having a ferret from day one. If you are aware of the fact that you are getting a live animal you have to take care of, take to the vet, feed properly, and train, then I would say that a ferret is a good beginner pet. If you want a pet that won’t take too much of your time, then I suggest you get a fish as a beginner pet, not a ferret, cat, or dog.

Are Ferrets Good Family Pets?

Ferrets are great family pets if you have teens or pre-teens. They are smart, very entertaining and your kids will have a blast playing with a ferret. Ferrets love to play and 99% of their day consists of playing and running around. But, you have to set rules on how to handle a ferret so you can avoid tears, bites, and other accidents.

Are Ferrets Easy/Hard To Take Care Of? 

Ferrets are more complicated to take care of than cats and dogs in some ways. They will provide you unique experiences in many fields. For example, you have to provide them with good nutrition (raw meat or high-quality kibble). You have to ferret proof your home to avoid any accidents like stepping on a ferret or crushing it in the recliner. Also, you have to train ferrets to use a litter box (yes, they can do that) and you can train them to stop biting if you have a biting problem. But, you don’t have to walk them like dogs, which makes them easier to keep.

are ferrets easy to take care of

Are Ferrets High Maintenance?

Ferrets can be high maintenance if you don’t plan your life with a ferret. The biggest part of maintaining a ferret is to keep him out of trouble. They are known to dig in the plants, hide in the drawers, break in the kitchen cabinets, get stuck behind the fridge so they require a lot of attention and a lot of ferret proofing. That is why I am mentioning it for the third time. Also, there are a few illnesses very common in ferrets that require medical attention which means you have to have a good ferret veterinarian by your side. You can’t simply get a ferret and learn about him at the same time. It is possible, but prepare yourself for a lot of mistakes and stressful situations.

Ferrets And Kids

Are Ferrets Child-Friendly?

No, ferrets and kids aren’t a good combination. Now, the reason for that isn’t because ferrets are mean or wild, it is because kids can make mistakes handling a ferret. When a ferret doesn’t like something, he will bite. Most of those bites aren’t hard (if a ferret is trained properly), but the act itself will terrify the kid. Your kid will start crying that a ferret bit him and that is something you can avoid.

Are Ferrets Good Pets For Kids?

No, ferrets aren’t good pets for kids. When it comes to personality, ferrets are similar to cats. You can pet a cat as long as he allows that. The moment a cat is bored of it, a cat will scratch or bite. The same thing is with ferrets. They aren’t afraid to show you they’ve had enough and kids don’t know if they grabbed a ferret too hard, or if they pulled his tail too strong. Also, let’s not forget about mischievous ferret nature meaning you can’t leave it alone if you don’t ferret proof. Kids won’t make sure a ferret is safe, that is your job.

are ferrets good pets for 12 year olds

Are Ferrets Good Pets For 10 to 12-year-olds?

I wouldn’t recommend any family that has a kid younger than 12 years old to have a ferret. A 12-year-old is smart enough to understand that ferrets aren’t toys and you have to take care of them. If you teach your kid how to handle a ferret and how to play with him, they can be a great pair. But, as always, under your supervision. There are situations you can handle better. For example, you can see that your ferret is trying to jump on some table and you can prevent that. That is something your kid maybe won’t notice until is too late.

Are Ferrets Good Pets For Toddlers Or Babies?

No, ferrets aren’t good pets for toddlers or babies. Actually, I wouldn’t recommend any pet that requires handling to a toddler or baby. Toddlers don’t know the term “gentle” and they will grab cat’s/ferret’s/dog’s tail with full force that can lead to hurting the animal. Babies or toddlers don’t need pets because they are too young for them. You can get them fish so they can look at them as a sort of entertainment.

Ferret Behavior

Are Ferrets Affectionate Or Friendly?

Yes, ferrets are affectionate and friendly. They are social animals, meaning they love to be in groups. That is why most ferret owners have at least two ferrets, but their number can go up. Ferrets can get attached to their owners too so don’t get surprised when your ferret asks for your attention or wants to play with you.

are ferrets affectionate

Are Ferrets Nice Or Cuddly?

Ferrets are nice and they love to cuddle, but when they decide to do so. Most young ferrets are a bundle of energy and cuddling isn’t their cup of tea. But, if you start cuddling them at an early age, they will get used to your hands and your cuddling sessions. They don’t mind it, but they would rather jump, run and play instead. Older ferrets aren’t that active (most of them) so they allow longer cuddling sessions.

Are Ferrets Aggressive Or Dangerous?

If you treat your ferret properly, he won’t get aggressive. Ferrets can be aggressive when abused because they have a feeling they have to defend themselves. Also, ferrets bite to communicate with other ferrets so if a ferret bites you, it can be a call for playing, overly excited ferret, or scared ferret. You have to read the signs so you can tell which one is it. If you think you have a problem with your ferret biting, read my post about bite training your ferret.

are ferrets aggressive or dangerous

Ferrets And Other Pets

Are Ferrets Good With Dogs?

Ferrets are OK with dogs, but their relationship isn’t perfect. You have to supervise them at all times, not because of the ferret, but because of the dogs. Don’t combine ferrets with hunting dogs as they will potentially see ferrets are prey.

are ferrets good with dogs

Be careful with big dogs around ferrets as they might accidentally hurt ferrets. When it comes to their introductions, there are a few rules you can use to make it as painless as possible. You can read more about that topic in my post about ferrets and dogs.

Are Ferrets Good With Cats?

Yes, ferrets and cats are actually a pretty good combination. Ferrets are intrigued by cats and cats most of the time ignore ferrets or stay away. Also, there are cats that bonded with ferrets and they act like a big family.

are ferrets good with cats

Due to the cat’s nature and size, they are a safer choice than a ferret and dog combination. If you want to know how you can introduce those two animals, you can read in my post about ferrets and cats.

Are Ferrets Good With Other Pets?

Ferrets are predators, which means they have a high prey drive. Although they aren’t aggressive or dangerous if not provoked, they will hurt or even kill small animals like rodents, rabbits, or birds. That is their nature and that is why you mustn’t combine a ferret with other small pets. You can read more about that topic in my post about ferrets and other pets.

Ferret’s Information

Are Ferrets Canine Or Feline?

Neither. Ferrets are mustelids, meaning they share genes and physical appearance to wild animals like weasels, otters, polecats, martens, etc. Mustelids all share a few characteristics, the biggest one is their long body with short legs and carnivorous nature. If you want to learn more about animals that look like ferrets, read my post about animals similar to ferrets.

are ferrets related to cats

Are Ferrets Related To Cats?

No, ferrets and cats aren’t related. Cats belong to the Felidae family alongside other wild cats in the world. Ferrets, on the other hand, belong to the Mustelidae family. They both belong to the order Carnivora as all carnivores do.

Are Ferrets Similar To Cats?

Ferrets have similar nutritional requirements as cats and that is why a high-quality grain-free cat kibble is OK for them. They also use litter boxes and don’t require bathing just like cats, but that is pretty much it. If you want to learn more about that type of kibble, read my post about good ferret kibble.

Are Ferrets Similar To Cats

Are Ferrets Nocturnal?

No, ferrets aren’t nocturnal. Ferrets are most active during dawn and dusk which makes them crepuscular. The rest of the day and night ferrets mostly spend sleeping since they sleep around 16-18 hours a day.

Are Ferrets Clean Pets?

Yes, ferrets are actually very clean pets. They are always grooming their fur, paws and washing their face. Also, they won’t use a litter box if it is full of poop and they don’t require baths since they do it all themselves. But, there are things you have to do for them and you can read all about that topic in my post about ferret grooming.

are ferrets clean pets

Are Ferrets Stinky Pets?

Ferrets have a specific odor that can be rather strong if you don’t take care of your ferret. A happy and healthy ferret shouldn’t smell too much so if your ferrets smell more than usual, there are actions you can do to keep the smell to a minimum. Read more about that topic in my post about how to get rid of the ferret smell. If you want to know more about why ferrets smell, read my post about ferret smell.

Are Ferrets Blind Or Deaf?

No, ferrets aren’t blind nor deaf. They don’t rely much on their eyesight, but they do have pretty good hearing. Their number one sense is smell and they rely the most on it. There is one syndrome called the Waardenburg syndrome that causes deafness in ferrets. That syndrome mostly affects ferrets with white markings on the head like panda or blaze ferrets.


Owning a ferret is a unique experience. They are not like cats or dogs, neither are they like other small pets. They can be a perfect pet if you do your research properly and if you prepare yourself for them. What is your experience with ferrets? Are ferrets friendly or aggressive? Do they smell or not? Share your thoughts with us in the comments and subscribe to our newsletter!

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